Installing Solar Panels was once the privilege of those who were better off, just like cars were back in the 1800’s. Now however, the prices of getting solar panels has dropped dramatically from the heady heights back in 2010 and are now pretty much affordable by the majority of householders.

You just need to look around your neighbourhood, town or countryside to see that more and more are springing up everywhere as more people and businesses have come to realise that not only can big savings be made by getting solar panels, but that money can actually be earned, by at the same time, selling electricity back to the Grid.

If you are a person who needs to know what is under the bonnet of your car and how it all works, then click through the various links on this site and you can get a pretty comprehensive nuts and bolts explanation on the whole solar panel scenario. But if you are someone who just wants to know that if you put your foot on the accelerator that the car moves and if you put it on the brake, the car stops, then this page is essentially for you.


Don’t blink, or you might miss it….

The first step would be for a consultant surveyor to talk with you and do all the measurements and sightings of your property. This is because from our point of view, we need to find out whether we can even put solar panels on your house; not all properties qualify (for a variety of technical reasons). Some of the measuring can be done online; remotely, but other parts need a qualified consultant to check certain important factors about your house. Imagine calling a car mechanic and telling them that there was a funny sound coming from under the bonnet of your vehicle. Now, if he didn’t know the model or make of your car; in fact had never seen your car but he can give you a price over the phone for repairing it simply on that little bit of information, what do you think are the chances that things are going to work out well for you in the end?

So, we do things properly in a professional manner. Once the consultant surveyor has done their job (at no cost to you), if it transpires that solar panels would suit your property, we then calculate precisely how much a system would cost and also the financial benefits you can look forward to enjoying over the years to come. Every home is individual in terms of costs and outcomes; so we don’t believe in lumping everyone together; even from the beginning.

We give you that information in writing, leave you to mull things over and only come back to us if you want to take matters any further or want more information on anything in particular.

No doubt you will have a myriad of questions and that is why you get a qualified consultant surveyor assigned to your case and that is the person who will deal with the whole thing from beginning to end; but these are the main points you might want to know now.

  • The number of panels and the total amount of the electricity your system will generate will be determined by the size of your roof, the position of your house in relation to the compass, the angle of your roof and any obstacles like trees or other roofs that might create a shade on your solar panels.
  • If you decide to proceed, from the time you place the order, it should take around a week to get your installation done and the installation will normally be done within one day…. Yes, we tidy up thoroughly afterwards.
  • We use the most up-to-date panels with good aesthetics, so your house still looks good.
  • Once the panels and the battery system are fitted and the job completed, your savings start immediately. This is because as soon as the daylight hits the panels, they start to produce electricity. That electricity comes into your house for you to use immediately and any that you can’t use, gets fed into your battery so you can use it later, at night for instance.
  • When the battery is full, then any spare electricity is then fed back to the Grid so that other people can use it. It means that if you are out at work all day, then your battery is being filled up and the spare afterwards starts earning you money by it being pumped back to the Grid.
  • Everything is measured by your Smart Meter and your earnings are credited back to you automatically.
  • The outcome of all of this is that your electricity bill drops and over the warranty period of your panels, you could pocket up to about £30,000 profit.

The next step now is to get your house surveyed
so we can work out some numbers and send them to you.

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