Your Gas bills could reduce substantially:

Depending on the energy setup of your house, getting solar panels could represent hard cash coming back in your pocket. Consider the amount of energy used to heat your home. With boilers being used for heating water and providing central heating, a great deal of gas is used; and with the costs rising each year, this can take up a large proportion of your income.

Solar panels will have an immediate effect on  your electricity bills

With the inevitable rise in the cost of electricity, you can expect the energy bills to have a greater effect on your funds now and in the future. Therefore, it may make sense to consider the use of solar energy for heating as well as lighting.

There is also tax free income that can be gained through government incentives.

The UK government is currently advocating the case for solar energy power very heavily with the proposals for homes earning money from any electricity which is exported to the Grid; and there is also the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for Solar Thermal (ST) These incentives are really quite substantial making it worthwhile to get involved.

Playing your part in helping our environment

You can also make your own contribution towards helping the environment and reducing your effect on global warming by using solar energy.
Because solar energy (just like wind energy and other renewable sources of energy) does not produce harmful effects on the environment in the way that fossil fuels do, then you are effectively helping to preserve something for which your children will be thankful.

It is something of which you can be proud

As the owner of a solar energy system, you will be seen by your friends and family as someone who is wise enough to combine your own best interests with those of society as whole. You will feel good in the knowledge that you have made a contribution towards the welfare of our planet.


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